Why Dungeons and Puppets?

Every good adventure has an origin story. For us it’s about family and mutual passion for all things Dungeons & Dragons between myself (a 40s marketing exec) and my daughter (a grade school kid) — this is one of those “things we share” and it’s a blast.

The other thing we share? Puppetry! For the past 15+ years I’ve been creating hand and rod puppets (think Hensonesque, the ones you typically see on TV), and mascots. Over the years, the kid has gravitated towards this from time to time, including designing her own puppets.

One day we were talking.. just dreaming up ideas like we often do. That was the day Dungeons and Puppets was born. Combining the 2 things we share a passion for… but we both wanted a challenge. A twist.

“Let’s make the puppets 2D so it’s different.” she said, “Like Flat Stanley!” which is a popular book series. In our house the answer is simple, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Steve and Alyssa
What’s the basic idea? Let me share our “summary” below:
Dungeons and Puppets is a 2D Episodic adventure where the campaign party goes on the quest of a lifetime (and for some that may be a sooner lifetime than others.) Quests, monster battles, treasure hunting and more as the revolving members of the group forge their own legacies. Some good, some bad. There’s only one way to find out.
Evil Earl - Brimstone

This mad man standing in a ring of fire is Evil Earl. He’s a great example of someone that may be an NPC, or part of the adventuring party. Our characters in the Dungeons and Puppets universe will have the ability to roll in and out of campaigns over time (presuming they survive of course) with stat tracking on the website so you can follow your favorite adventurers, vote for them on social media to join campaigns, and whatever else we dream up along the way.

Most importantly, THANK YOU! For coming to our site, engaging us on social media, and helping drive us to entertain you the best way we can.