The Adventure Begins

Welcome to my home, Dungeons and Puppets. This has become for me the culmination of many years finding my way within my art, and my love for all things puppet.

Today is a fitting day to post a first blog on the site here, it’s Jim Henson’s birthday. He was a major influence in my initial push towards learning the art of puppetry and mascot creation. Growing up in the 70s and 80s was the absolute glory days of puppets on the screen and I’m thankful to have been a part of it.

15+ years ago I began this journey. No expectations. No true goals. Truth is I have a “day job” and this has always been a labor of love. With a kid now in school the time to dedicate those 6.5 hours a day to my passion has arrived.

A roll of a d20 trying to produce the great “idea” of mixing things I love, and the puppets in my dreams (sometimes nightmares) led me here, to Dungeons and Puppets. I play D&D with my daughter and build the occasional puppet with her. The choice and path were so clear and obvious that it took the eyes of a 6-year-old at the time to awaken me to a combination of passions to give me clarity and direction.

Dungeons and Puppets

It’s so simple on the outside, but internally I’m building castles and kingdoms for a mighty band of adventurers to conquor. Originally I was going to just stay quiet until the first episode was ready but what would be the fun in that. Allow me to share the process with you as I’m building our first adventure party, and the first adventure they will be going on. 

Next let me answer a few questions (eventually this will link to a FAQ as I continuously edit this space)

1. Is this based upon any specific edition of Dungeons & Dragons?

No. This is a loose interpretation taking many and all liberties in the name of entertainment.

2. Will the adventure party live forever, episode to episode?

No. They will die. New party members will join. Some will branch off or vanish. I’m building a world, not a one-shot.

3. Can I be an adventurer in the show?

Absolutely, more details to come on Patreon when the time is right.

More than anything, thank you. For coming to the site, reading this post, and engaging me on social media. I’m extremely excited to share the adventures festering in my mind with you and hopefully in a unique way that gives you that occasional “holy shit” vibe keeping you coming back for more!