The 2D Puppet Ascension Begins

Bold statement, I know. If you can’t start things off with passion and drive it may not be the thing you hope for it to become. My 2D Puppet Ascension has only just begun.

My absence on the website and social media has not been without reason. Between a kid who spent January sick for almost the entire month, February having my own vision issues which turned into me wearing glasses full time, and now with the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 has started off auspiciously to say the least.

While home with the family deep into week 2 one thing has been abundantly clear. I need to push my own agenda and dreams. Live the example I instill upon others.

For work I spend so much time motivating and cheerleading for clients with their business and professional lives, but when it comes to my own work I often feel like it’s an uphill battle being a one-man show. Even though I help folks pass that roadblock constantly, I struggle at times to see my own creative value. Even after 15+ years messing around in the world of puppets.

Lately my phone has been notifying me constantly about Dungeons and Puppets. From old posts, new followers, site traffic reports, etc. and to be completely honest… It lit that fire back under my ass and I’m thankful for it.

More 2D Puppet Love Coming

Funny enough I’ve been working in Adobe Illustrator a lot lately including building new characters and monsters for Dungeons and Puppets but not posting them. I’ll be cleaning up these suckers in the next few weeks, print and cut out some base models, and begin refinement.

To the moon Alice. That’s where we’re going. Up Up Up!

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