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Behold(er)… Progress!

I have something to admit. My love for making monsters is incredible. For me, the monster is such a trip creating. Even in these early, WIP stages. I find a ton of joy in making them and sharing these initial / unfinished pieces with the kid and with you. Keep in mind she’s my muse […]Read More

Die By The Sword

I thought a SLAYER song reference was a fitting post title since I’ve been spending so much time lately making weapons for the show. You name it I’m making them. Staffs Longswords and Scimitars OH MY! I’m not going to lie it has been a lot of fun making various shapes, realizing I need to […]Read More

Brick by Brick. I build.

Overwhelmed. To be completely honest that is how I feel lately. Utterly overwhelmed. Luckily, I look at this in a positive way and I’m not worried about it at all. I’m thankful. The number of ideas written down, planned, but yet to be executed is enormous. More than I could have hoped for. My 7yo […]Read More