Monster Mash!

It’s a Monster Mash! A lot has been coming off the craft table in the past week or so and it feels great. We’re getting there, little by little. The cast of characters, especially monsters are now being assembled. Everything you see on the blog, Patreon, etc. will always be a work in progress. This way we can always leave a little bit in the back pocket for when the videos start cranking out next year. No set date for the first module but the goal is to have a few shorts in early 2020 and go from there. Worm servants are the brainchild of the kid. She was checking out the Young Adventures series of D&D books Monsters & Creatures and when she found the almighty Carrion Crawlers she was instantly hooked. So we popped open Adobe Illustrator and with her guidance, we got to work. It went though a couple of revisions and then some touch-ups from Dad while she slept. One last review from my miniature boss lady and we had a cricut ready design. Saved the SVG files and sent it to the printer. You can check out some of the assembly in the video below.

In case you were wondering, Worm Servants will be a part of our ongoing Monster Index that is yet to be created on the site, applied very basic statistics, and given the full treatment into our Dungeons and Puppets universe. These guys are huge, larger than any adventurers we have created so far. The plan is to also create a ton of mini Worm Servants as well so when a monster hoard arrives is just has that overwhelming impact to our party.

“How the hell will we survive this?”

Which is of course, the goal of it all. Testing the campaign party to their very limits and see who levels up, and who ends up in the fiery pits of hell.