Isolation breeds creation

I’ve been stuck.

For weeks, hell months.

I’m happy with the monsters I’m making. No issues there. I think they’re mostly very cool and look forward to sharing them increasingly in the coming weeks and months.

The adventurers?

I have them.

To the point I’m reworking them completely in Illustrator from scratch. Endless hours of testing, cutting on the Cricut, planning, assembling, etc. and to be 100% honest, they just don’t work for me.

For a few reasons:

  1. they lack the appeal the monsters have.
  2. no truly defining characteristics
  3. i’m just making parts of people for the sake of parts and then “building” characters out of it.

I’m ass backwards. I need to be developing characters here. Straight up. Not a mish-mosh or pieces to end up with something. But a defined character with a name, backstory, planned look and feel, etc.

For the time and energy I put into this passion that is Dungeons and Puppets if I’m not going to do it the way I want for myself, why even bother.

So, I’m scrapping 80% of the work I’ve put in so far. Frustrating in some ways but also absolutely unlocking my mind for what I really want to be doing here, and how I’m presenting it.

Here’s a cool photoshop I did of one of the Beholder puppets I have been working on. It’s a merge between a physical puppet and some photoshop touchups. The look I’m going for on the digital side. Check it out.

Obviously, I’m taking liberties here and that is intentional because this is all inspired by D&D but in no ways a product of theirs, but its own fun entity.

So, we’re on week X of isolation with no end in sight here in NY for those of us who give a fuck. Plenty are rushing outside this Memorial Day Weekend, but we kept it low-key and chill at the house, spending tons of time in the backyard.

Coming next for us is a backyard movie screen. We’re going to do our best to just take the next few months easy. With that comes some extra time for me to re-work on everything Dungeons and Puppets which if you have read until now, realize I need that time 🙂