1. Is this based upon any specific edition of Dungeons & Dragons?

No. This is a loose interpretation taking many and all liberties in the name of entertainment. I’ve been playing D&D since I was a kid and have everything from 1st edition books and modules to all of the fancy new 5e books that have been coming out. Let’s say it is INSPIRED by D&D, but has nothing legally or otherwise to do with it.

2. Will the adventure party live forever; season to season, episode to episode?

No. They will die. New party members will join. Some will branch off or vanish. I’m building a world, not a one-shot. There will be Seasons to the show which is essentially the characters running a module (all original I’m writing them now) so when episodes are released it will be for 8-10-12 weeks in a row depending on the campaigns length. The characters are all fair game, including supporters of the show.

3. Can I be an adventurer in the show?

Absolutely, more details to come on Patreon when the time is right. Custom made characters that we will work on together via Discord when I’m ready to launch that part of the madness. While not a member of the adventuring party you will be able to become a part of the story, including some Patreon levels including a replica 2D puppet of your character mailed to you!