Die By The Sword

I thought a SLAYER song reference was a fitting post title since I’ve been spending so much time lately making weapons for the show. You name it I’m making them.



and Scimitars


I’m not going to lie it has been a lot of fun making various shapes, realizing I need to glue a few together stacked to give them enough weight so it looks and feels real enough and not flimsy. Wrapping the pommels with cord and covering in Mod Podge to give it a real legit look. Shading blades with Sharpie ink on a popsicle stick.

You name it. I’ve been trying it. I might make 30-40-50 weapons before I find a single one I want to use. The cool part is that they’ll always have value to the show. Future characters, background items for shopkeepers, props in scenes. If I build it, I’ll use it eventually.

Soon I’ll be working on some scenery as well. I’ve been lurking a lot of Tabletop gaming / miniature painting and design groups lately and the work they do with XPS foam is absolutely gorgeous. My scale is larger but the inspiration from there is not without notice. I’m excited for the set design phase for sure.

I’m going to chuck a little gallery in the end of this post (i hope…) so you can see some of the comings and goings of the weapons I have been working on.