Dice Giveaway

2020 has been a real kick in the teeth for us all. So much going on, to take in, to deal with. I hope that everyone is as healthy as can be, and doing their best while the world is burning and going mad. From protecting yourselves, to remote learning, and everything in between. It’s been a wild ride and hopefully 2021 gets a lot better.

What better way to push the happy train forward than a contest! It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway but these dice have a funny story.

My favorite TTRPG page on Facebook had a bunch of people looking for these dice from the Dollar Tree. You know, that place where EVERYTHING is a buck, including your soul.

People just addicted and want that fix. Even for a buck. I get it. I’m a dice-a-holic too.

I took my halfling with me to the local Dollar Tree and we found the last 4 sets. She picked her favorite of the bunch and I have 3 more to ship off to people to help with some holiday cheer.

Nothing is more fun than a package in the mail! 3 lucky winners and it’ll end on Christmas Day.

Good luck everyone.