Brick by Brick. I build.


To be completely honest that is how I feel lately. Utterly overwhelmed. Luckily, I look at this in a positive way and I’m not worried about it at all. I’m thankful.

The number of ideas written down, planned, but yet to be executed is enormous.

More than I could have hoped for.

My 7yo daughter “helping with the creative” is huge and hilarious at the same time. It’s everything to me and makes this process that much sweeter. I love knowing she digs what I do and wants to be a part of it. Not to mention, her ideas are pretty f’n cool.

So, what have I been up to since my last post? HEAPS! That’s the good news. I’ve been making dozens of various characters, heads without bodies, weapons, shields, helmets, staffs, and more. It has been a bit of a 2D puppet factory here and I try to keep up on the @darkordercrafts Instagram account sharing the behind the scenes.

I wish I had 2 extra hours in the day. Or a more robotic mind that could grind out a lot of the more mundane but necessary tasks. Social media posting and planning, building out more products for the shop, updating the website, etc. I’m only 1 guy (with that occasional child labor helper) so it is a lot of hats to wear and I’m working on that balance.

Oh, I mentioned the website. In case you haven’t noticed it is a new theme. I had this one around for a while unused and it’s easy to use and update. It will be the perfect time saver. This was my past 2-3 days this week busting my ass on rebuilding this because the old theme just sucked on mobile.

I’ve been contemplating a podcast because I love to talk. Hell talking is the #1 requirement of my “day job” and I can get out 100 pages of posts in a 15 minute unplanned monologue. I’m just not sure anyone would want to listen. It feels a bit too self-serving right now when I’m working behind the scenes 100% of the time. 

Perhaps once I have Season 1 done and posting. Oh yeah, seasons. Did I mention that before? Each adventure / module will be its own season. This way instead of a lot of random mini-adventures I can create a huge, ongoing, episodic adventure that goes on for 8-10-12 videos until the campaign is completed.

Nothing else today. I’m tapped. Going to try to setup some social media posts for the week from shots I’ve taken the past bunch of days. If you want to support Dungeons and Puppets follow on social media or pick up a t-shirt or hoodie and rock the logo when you are out and about!