Behold(er)… Progress!

I have something to admit.

My love for making monsters is incredible. For me, the monster is such a trip creating. Even in these early, WIP stages. I find a ton of joy in making them and sharing these initial / unfinished pieces with the kid and with you.

Keep in mind she’s my muse so ideas get bounced around, updated, chopped apart and rebuilt. That is half the fun of it all.

Since I share behind the scenes pics let’s just put this out there. Beholders and Cyclops-Goblin-like creatures are going to be the featured “baddies” of Season 1. What I’m showing now are total infancy shots with zero details applied. The more I think about it, the more I want to keep the details out and just show the main shapes and styles. This way the episodes have something new for you all to enjoy, a twist if you will.

A couple of in-progress beholders to keep things moving along here. We already made changes to the tentacle eyes, increasing the white area by narrowing the eye walls in Adobe Illustrator where everything is originally created.

More on the Beholder Army in the coming weeks. I’ll see how much I’m going to end up showing. Was thinking of making a quasi-reveal video with a little effect added so that is still on the table and gives a cool shareable asset for the site.

Lastly, Happy Halloween everyone. Onto a couple of pics!