Dice Giveaway

2020 has been a real kick in the teeth for us all. So much going on, to take in, to deal with. I hope that everyone is as healthy as can be, and doing their best while the world is burning and going mad. From protecting yourselves, to remote learning, and everything in between. It’s […]Read More

Isolation breeds creation

I’ve been stuck. For weeks, hell months. I’m happy with the monsters I’m making. No issues there. I think they’re mostly very cool and look forward to sharing them increasingly in the coming weeks and months. The adventurers? I have them. To the point I’m reworking them completely in Illustrator from scratch. Endless hours of […]Read More

The 2D Puppet Ascension Begins

Bold statement, I know. If you can’t start things off with passion and drive it may not be the thing you hope for it to become. My 2D Puppet Ascension has only just begun. My absence on the website and social media has not been without reason. Between a kid who spent January sick for […]Read More

Monster Mash!

It’s a Monster Mash! A lot has been coming off the craft table in the past week or so and it feels great. We’re getting there, little by little. The cast of characters, especially monsters are now being assembled. Everything you see on the blog, Patreon, etc. will always be a work in progress. This […]Read More

Behold(er)… Progress!

I have something to admit. My love for making monsters is incredible. For me, the monster is such a trip creating. Even in these early, WIP stages. I find a ton of joy in making them and sharing these initial / unfinished pieces with the kid and with you. Keep in mind she’s my muse […]Read More

Die By The Sword

I thought a SLAYER song reference was a fitting post title since I’ve been spending so much time lately making weapons for the show. You name it I’m making them. Staffs Longswords and Scimitars OH MY! I’m not going to lie it has been a lot of fun making various shapes, realizing I need to […]Read More

Brick by Brick. I build.

Overwhelmed. To be completely honest that is how I feel lately. Utterly overwhelmed. Luckily, I look at this in a positive way and I’m not worried about it at all. I’m thankful. The number of ideas written down, planned, but yet to be executed is enormous. More than I could have hoped for. My 7yo […]Read More

The Adventure Begins

Welcome to my home, Dungeons and Puppets. This has become for me the culmination of many years finding my way within my art, and my love for all things puppet. Today is a fitting day to post a first blog on the site here, it’s Jim Henson’s birthday. He was a major influence in my […]Read More