About DnP

Welcome to Dungeons and Puppets.

This site and universe I am building around it is a labor of love. As a lifelong D&D player and working with puppets & mascots for the past 15+ years I really wanted to do something different. A project where I could include my D&D and puppet loving daughter as well because she wants to help me see my dreams, just like I help her with hers. If only I was as cool as her.

This leads me to the site you are on now, Dungeons and Puppets. The goal is a 2D puppet show where the audience follows a trusty band of adventurers through all kinds of dangers in their campaign.

Keeping track of stats online for everyone to follow along. It’s a loose interpretation of D&D, this isn’t meant to be a specific edition nor will it feature anything in particular other than a fantastical world from my imagination.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, I’m so glad you are here.


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