It’s the last day of the decade! Happy New Years everyone and I hope you and yours are having an awesome holiday season. I’ve been taking December off (sadly not from work until last week) and planning for 2020 and beyond here at Dungeons and Puppets.

Assessing how long things have taken so far and will be taking in the future, messing around with new ideas and technologies for the show, and generally just taking some “me time” which was sorely needed to regain my focus and clarity.

Ender 3D Pro

I started playing around with one of these puppies, an Ender 3D Pro. I’ve always wanted to dabble in the realm of 3D Printing and the price is right nowadays to jump into the game. I’m learning Blender as I go but the idea is to be able to print parts and items I need for Dungeons and Puppets, plus print pieces for a TTRPG I’ve started playing with my kid, Gaslands.

Gaslands cars

I could show you 20-30 more cars we bought over the past month but this one is especially cool to me since my daughter was the one bashing it up and giving it that Mad Max vibe that Gaslands is all about. If you haven’t played the game before it’s really simple.

  1. Buy a shitload of Hot Wheels / Matchbox cars
  2. Customize them with guns, armor, whatever you want to make them badass.
  3. Play Gaslands with the rule book. You need dice, move templates, and a few other items but the rule book has the templates in the back of the book to print.

We are knee deep in the customization phase bashing up cars, stripping some, adding armor and weapons. Good times. Up next we will be painting some. It has been a fun distraction during the holidays and with all the family time, events, etc. it’s easy to pick up on for 30 minutes at a clip.

Next up, New Years! Our final days off are here and then everyone goes back to that regular life. Work, school, and the routine. For me, that’s a double edged sword. Work nights, but the days are free for Dungeons and Puppets while everyone else in the family is doing their thing.

The Decade of Puppets has only just begun!