Hello my fellow demons of the night. I have been lurking in the shadows the past few weeks and wanted to pull my head out of the sand and update with what has been happening around the dungeon lately.

#1 – We have a contest going on here and I totally suck at promoting it. The idea is to get some social media buzz on FB / IG / Twitter and as a thank you for the small but growing fan base we are creating here. The prize is a D&D 5th Edition Starter Set and if you have not seen it on the homepage you can also enter the contest here.

I’m pleasantly surprise with all of the entries and Alyssa is over the moon excited with how many people have entered to win. So a huge victory on that front and we will do another content the first week of December after the first winner is selected and the prize goes out. I feel like an entire month-long content becomes exhausting. I’m posting 3 times a week about it and that feels like a lot. I guess I’m just not used to the full on 10-20-30 posts a day content machines out there so I consider this a work in progress.

Regardless, it’s awesome and I’m excited to do this monthly to engage everyone willing to spend time looking at my work, commenting, liking posts, etc.

#2 – New Merchandise in the shop!

The main addition is an embroidered winter hat and hoodie. Now that I got the setup file done for the embroidered logo I’ll be able to add more embroidered options in the coming weeks. You need to digitize the files first and order a sample before you can use it. So that’s done, sample received, and sample being worn on cold days 🙂 I’ve got a bunch of my own merch of course, I wear this still all the time. A couple t-shirts, a hoodie that just came in, and the hat to start.

If I can’t wear my own logo / brand what SHOULD I wear, right? Take a look in the gallery below for some pics and you can find all of the items at the Dungeons and Puppets Shop.

  • Dungeons and Puppets merch
  • Dungeons and Puppets tee
  • Dungeons and Puppets hoodie
  • Dungeons and Puppets t-shirt

#3 – Getting better organized. This has been a huge struggle for me. Between the Cricut machine cranking out hundreds of small parts for me and only a pile of bins to put them in, it became overwhelming.

Add in all the needed tools of the trade, materials, etc. and I just felt like I had no workspace and I was drowning in stuff piled up all around me. A week later and I got a hold on everything that was making me mad at for at least a first take organized.

This tower of deliciousness was on sale at Michaels for 60% off so I snagged it. 10 drawers plus the top to put some trays on. Perfecto! It has done the job so far at least as a stop gap. Up next is to better label the drawers and get a bunch of smaller containers to put inside of each drawer for all of the tiny parts.

workshop storage
Cute 1 eyed cat not included.

Once all the labeling is done I’ll start working on the actual workspace. I know what I want to do there. A small pegboard area should do the trick and I already picked up a new self-healing mat that is 1/2 the size of my desk. Cricut on the left, self-healing mat on the right. That part worked awesome right out of the box.

#4 Last but not least. Progress has been made on both the yet to be named Beholder and the Worm Servants aka Carrion Crawlers. Part of the fun is making the monsters, showing them to the kid, and then having her name them.

In the case of the Worm Servant she has actually done all of the design work (with my physical help in Illustrator.) But she has 100% led the creative design and it makes me so happy seeing her enjoy something like this WITH ME and kind of telling me what to do! I’m living in her world now baby.

Worm Servant
Screen Pic of Illustrator work in action with my tiny boss lady.

Fun has been at a maximum lately if not at a but slower pace that I hoped for. Kid was also sick twice to add in that monkey wrench since I do all my work during the day while she’s at school.

Life goal, doing this full time. We’re a bit away from that right now but that’s what goals and dreams are for and 2020 is going to be amazing for Dungeons and Puppets and I’m glad you are here to join me on the adventure!